Spencer & Sarah Green

– Lead Pastors (Story Church)

As kids, we all dreamed about what we wanted to do & how great life would be when we “grew up.” But what happens when a global pandemic throws a monkey wrench into the mix?

2020 was a rough year for most, but that doesn’t mean 2021 can’t be your best year yet. For this to happen, it’s critically important that you have the right people around you and invest your life into the things that really matter.

We understand. As pastors, our passion is to help you encounter Jesus and know that Your Story Matters to your family, your friends, and the world around you. We have seen God move powerfully in many people’s lives and believe He can in yours too. That’s the reason why we started Story Church, a nondenominational church in Clermont, FL.

Click the ‘RSVP FOR THIS SUNDAY’ button anywhere on this page to get all the details you need for the next In-Person Gathering. Even if Story Church isn’t the right fit for you, we’ll introduce you to one of the other great churches in Clermont, FL.

Hope to see you this Sunday!

Spencer & Sarah Green – Lead Pastors (Story Church)

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